Sunday, May 10, 2009

Springtime in Torrey Day 1

I am ready to go. It seems the past few months really have been a roller coaster both in my personal and professional life and I need some comfort time. Worse still, I am finding myself sitting around the house more and more too tired to do the things I love. No other place like Torrey to help fix being a couch potato! My dearest friends are all rendezvousing there over the week and it is time to get in the Jeep, and reset life's real priorities. 

Making time up the hill finds me North of Flagstaff in no time
There is a bit of snow on the San Francisco Peaks but the sky and weather are perfect for touring about!

I motor up highway 89A not and through Kanab without the desire to stop. I am still tense but as each of the 500 miles I drive pass, I am getting more and more into the scenery and beauty and less and less tied to the madness of the day. Very Worthy!

I see this old shack and the clouds and the photo Muse returns!! I keep expecting Henry Fonda to come out or Woody Guthrie to be sitting on the porch but alas after a few minutes I move along but am better for having stopped.

I see my first mythical creature along 89 just south of Koosharem. I wish I had a better picture of the Horned Harley Creature but it turns away from my path and I have a purpose in mind to get to Torrey ASAP. I will seek him again though. 

Ahh life is good when you see this sign!
And even better when you see this!

I pull into Chez Killer and I am immediately greeted by hugs from Bob and Janet. It is amazing to see them again and I am happy, tired though from the trip and little sleep.

So what do we do as avid adventurers who fear nothing!?

We bake bread of course! 

Ok it may seem a tad weird but smile with me and just go with it

Plenty of work for Calvin to get into so we can go riding this week and I have brough Bob a present from Phoenix

A hammock Chair!

The bread finishes up and we decide that we better go out for dinner. 

What a great day and as we sit at the Rim Rock I reflect on just how wonderful it is to be with friends. And there is so much more in store too!

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