Monday, May 11, 2009

Torrey...Life on the Farm

Day two finds me feeling wonderful and ready to do....well nothing smile

But here on Mr. Palin's Farm we have to keep things growing and today is irrigation Monday!

I am always amazed at how some people just naturally know how to fix things. Bob and I are not those types of people but lucky for him he has Janet! Here we are replacing a bad wheel and a broken handle on the Wheelbarrow. Janet really appreciates all the hands on help as you can tell by her expression.

Good as new!

Bob hands me a shovel and we work on cleaning out the various canals on the property to make sure that water gets to the new beds. Remember frost is still a threat up here at 6800ft. Sure is pretty though.

The water coming from the source canal is not flowing to proper English standard to Bob and I set off to see where the blockage is. He says this is not for the feint of heart as we will be going deep into the unknown....I ask if I need my gun...he pauses and said no as quarters will be too close for that. He hands me a hoe instead.

Deep in the thickets. I hear things in there that sound otherworldly. But I am too much a man to turn back and we press on. 

We find the dam and make quick work of cleaning it out as the other keeps watch for "hostiles". 

I am told to not mention the word Hoffa around this newly dug area. Not sure why

We spend a good part of the rest of the day working on watering the rows and gettting ready to plant Onions, taters, and maybe even a few flowers

But man cannot live on manual labor alone. There are 3 great matches this weekend in the Premier League and Bob has them saved. We sit down to watch Liverpool. It is a slaughter

Janet captures us in a very rare moment of sitting on the couch and watching football. You almost never ever see Bob and I sitting still, drinking beer and doing almost nothing.

It isn't always easy being me. Please don't be too jealous

As it gets on with the day, we hear the familiar rumble of a big KTM which can only mean that the Whips are here!! Let the real fun begin!

Larry is just looking for a place to be comfortable. I hope he finds it.

2009 is not always easy for Larry and I but we are going to hold true to our word to not engage in any put downs with Bob

One of the many hazards of farm life is the dreaded farmers tan. Luckily Janet is here and has been trained as a Holistic Healer/Herbal Medicine Woman! Of course Larry and I are here to fully understand this to be a private and personal matter. I only took one picture smile

It is so great to see my two pals happy as we walk to El Diablo for dinner. It is a good day.

Walking past the canal this time of day sure is pretty. Rumor is this place may be on the market soon....

Torrey has no stop light, no movie theatre, but it has 3 really amazing resteraunts within 40 miles of it and 2 within 10. The Diablo can be walked to. Amazing place. Janet showing off one of their salads.

Here you can see that the ribs that Louise is eating that the lamb that Bob and Larry had are amazing.

Happy people

For the record we did split dessert.

As we leave I spy a cool Tulip bed that is lit up.

All in all a perfect day. Lets see what happens tomorrow as we are going...somewhere. Check back!

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