Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Birds and Little Ones

Today is a lazy day where we are really staying close to the house. I need to work, we need to move to the Chuck Wagon since more people are coming soon, and there is some maintenance that we need to do on the motos to get them running. 

This fuzzy image is of the mythical Giant Hummingbird of Wayne County. Too bad Janet doesn't believe.

Mr Brown (UPS) shows up mid morning with a new chain, a new sprocket, and a few other things and we get to work on the KTM Adventure. 

I have no idea what you need to use this special Austrian tool for on the Katoom. But I believe in Larry

And we did have a real life Master Mechanic on standby

Meanwhile I am hard at work trying to care about Gulfstream. I mean really trying.

At lunch we decide to go find the Bald Eagles that are nesting. Now that is a good plan!

As we drive down, I am amazed that I know a lot of people in town. We run into Randy, the owner of the Chuck Wagon and shoot the breeze for a bit.

We head off and soon find the nest as it isn't all that far from the house. 

What a worthy animal. My money is that this one is Momma

I think Pops was in the nest because he was a bit bigger.

And then after a few minutes, the little guy pops up to say hello!

They had something to eat up there but the angle was no good to see

I just hope it isn't rabbit, because you can starve eating those per the British SAS

Mom never moved but always had an eye on us. After a bit we head home to have some Pizza. 

What a worthy day!!


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