Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Steps Into the Wilderness

Sleeping with the window open and clean air at 6000ft just makes you happy. We are going to take the Jeep out today! And more than just that, we are taking it topless for the first time.

I set of to figure it out and determine that it really is a lot easier than I thought it would be. 8 screws and a crazy electric connector and we are good to go.

I love it when a plan comes together. Especially when the 3 stooges are involved like, Larry, Bob and I!

After a quick lunch at slackers (no better place for a burger for miles around) and we head on up the Sandy Creek Road to see where it goes. It has a spur to Prairie Flat (Like you all have a clue where that is) that even Bob has never seen. WHOO HOOO! Adventure!

The road up from the house starts off pretty tame but soon turns into one big doll head rock fest with some nasty sized boulders in the midst. For some reason the passenger next to me from England thinks I am driving a tad fast. I discover here a grand loophole in the 2009. I can't say anything but nobody said I had to give him a comfortable ride!

The start of the boulder field

We stop off at the first vista and take in a great view. The Jeep is back in its element!

The view up the valley towards Capital Reef National Park with the Henry Mountains in the background

From here we crawl on up the mountain more and more. While not totally technical per se, we are careful in a few spots but have no trouble and a lot of fun.

We come to a cross road that causes some conversation. The road to the left goes up to a road that leads out over the mountain. The problem is that it is no good for anything wider than 50" The jeep is a tad bit wider so we go right. Bob will scout it out to see if we can make a return trip that way later sometime

We are not the least disappointed with our choice as the scenery is spectacular!

Man it great to be with your pals out in the middle of amazing country.

The road is little more than a ATV track here

Did I mention how worthy Torrey is yet? Almost Divine I tell ya!

PHOTO BY BOB PALIN (using my camera because he left his battery at home)
Coming down is a lot of fun too! I did use low a couple of times to play it safe.

The scenery as we get lower down the hill again

We see some signs of Eagle nests and decide to stop and see if there are hatchlings

Alas no eagles today but we did see a crow. Like I said..."Three Stooges"

It is getting later into the afternoon and we all need a lap. This loafing around is hard work when you are in the back country!

I may need to buff a few of these out tomorrow

But lets not push ourselves too hard.

More tomorrow!


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Brad Gantt said...

Looks like a fantastic day Tom!