Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday is here already. Wow how time flies when you are having fun. Today I have agreed to take Thomas and Katerina up the mountains with Calvin to enjoy a lovely day watching my dirt biking friends have fun. But first we need breakfast! And no better place to go then the good ole Capitol Reef!

One of the reasons I love it here. This is the perfect temperature for fun

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The battle for the check is one that has taken on legendary proportions with Larry and I. We all can see who is the latest champion in this sport!

From here we go and pick up the Germans, and prepare to head out for one more trip in the back country. The weather is perfect so we take off the top of the Jeep again. I am still amazed at how easy this is.

The band is planning their routes

Oh and Spring has arrived in Torrey

To save time and tires, we put the motorbikes into the trucks and drive the 20 miles to the trail head.

Thomas supervises the whole thing. I mean if you can ride a moto from Argentina to Alaska, you can get this gaggle to unload and ride up a mountain!

Plus it is always good to have a German watching the English.

Pretty soon we are on our way down the trail and up to see what trouble we could get into.

Richard has the second chase truck and we have radios along so rather than choke on dust I take the Germans off road a bit and see if we can see some cool flowers and maybe an animal or two.

The Jeep in its element

We go back to the road and find that progess has slowed somewhat about 9000ft since there is still a bit of snow on the road making passage tricky. Richard does a great job of telling me where trees have fallen over the road, where the best mud puddles are and what the bikes are up to. We catch up to them pretty fast and find that there is a tough patch that is giving them trouble

Bob however is a master at this sort of thing and soon finds a way around. Nobody is stressed and we are all having a wonderful time!

Sharon is so glad she is in the chase car!

I have to get back to take care of a few things in town so Calvin, Sharon and I roll on down the mountain. Saturday is always very mellow in Torrey for me. And again I don't take a lot of pictures but rather enjoy being with my friends.

Sunday comes and I have overslept! I wanted to see Calvin off since he needs to be back at work on Wednesday in Florida. I miss him by about 30 minutes. It is the first sadness I have felt all week and I am bummed big time.

I then look at the Jeep and see he left me a note. I won't wash the jeep for a week now. Even though I see my man Calvin just once or maybe two times a year, he is a dear friend and it is a privilege to call him my friend. This gesture means a lot to me.

The rest of the morning I spend saying goodbye to friends leaving and getting ready to pull out myself the next day. I also do a spin around town looking at houses and a few businesses that I know are for sale up here.

While we were out and about the day before, Whip manages to break the KTM. That is now two KTM's down this weekend. Larry can't make it back so Bob has decided to loan Larry the Tundra, so he can get back to Texas. He will return it in Ouray in June.

Loading up the big KTM

The New York Crew has invited us to a BBQ at the Chuckwagon! Whoo Hoo!

My main man the Moose works the door to keep the press at bay who are trying to get the latest EZ pictures for OK magazine.

Life can be hard in Torrey

My man having a cocktail before dinner chatting with Michael.

Bill and Janet enjoying one of the best meals of the entire trip.

Mom needs to eat too so I agree to babysit for a few minutes.

Here Uncle Kaisr is teaching EZ about what a Good Scotch is vs a bad. He is such a fast learner!

Such a proud papa!

It can get a little crazy at Torrey. People dancing on the tables and such is not uncommon.

We stay up too late hoping to prolong the magic just a little longer. Eventually we say our goodbyes knowing we will be getting back together soon. It is very hard having your best friends spread out like this. But there is also a part of me that knows that because of the gap, we are more close when we are together. I love them all.

Morning breaks and I pull out fast and quietly. Seems like nobody is around to see me head home.

Well almost nobody smile

See ya all soon


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160jimbo said...

I've enjoyed your blog regarding Torrey. Lenore and I had a great time for our first visit and now can put faces on these stories.

You'd mentioned Biz and Property for sale, I'd heard Slackers and Boulder Inn were up for sale, wonder if they've sold? Doesn't seem to be a lot of options for work in that area, I did like the Coffee/Candy store up by the 12/24 intersection though.

Anyway, keep the stories coming and we'll probably have to return and become more social now that we've met many of you BMWST members.

Jim Wellnitz