Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

This morning we are headed over Boulder to find some Moqui Balls.

Into the Jeep hop Calvin, Louise and joining us today are Richard and Jacqueline.

We stop at the Hogback on the Staircase to get a few pictures..

You seen one amazing vista.....Kidding. It is totally amazing here.

I think Jacqueline isn't impressed with the big drop off here.

We head on down the road and stop off at the Kiva Coffee House.

Now I love this place. Calvin and I always make it a point to stop here.

The view is amazing, and they have the best lemonade in Utah.

And they have treats for Katie even.

From here we backtrack over the mountain again toward Torrey via Posey Lake and get home in time to just do nothing for a while. More of our friends are arriving by the hour and by tonight there will be about 40+ of the Hoons in town for the rest of the weekend.

Mama Hoon (bad cast and all is making the most of her down time. To bad her husband is working election stuff back in CA. Would have loved to have seen my favorite Union Thug.

The boys are having discussions on the "A-Frame" that may or may not be for sale up the street. Ed on the left is about to retire and Larry is convinced that he needs a project to keep from going nuts.

I decide to go take the KTM for a short spin to see who is at the Chuckwagon.

I don't take a lot of pictures for the rest of the day. Seeing all my friends again that I haven't spent time with since September takes me away. We have a grand time though and if you go to and look at the Ride Tales in the discussion group, I am sure any of them that say Torrey will have some to look at.

Me, the New York Crew, and Russell from SFO holding court in Torrey. Russell's pictures he shows me are amazing. I am sure he and I will hook up again in the future to shoot some pictures.

From here we head to dinner at the Rim Rock and go to bed way too late but man o man do we have a grand time.

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