Monday, May 18, 2009

A lazy ride over the Mountain

The week is flying by and I need to head out and get some pictures. My Man Calvin is always up for a little pre-breakfast safari

There is a road near the Fish Hatchery that we are going to take today that goes to Escalante. There is a wetland preserve there that I want to check out too.

We see this guy making the rounds but hear some geese as well.

Sure enough they are clear for landing!

Here they are honking away in the marsh

We decide to head up the hill before meeting the gang for breakfast

We come upon these guys about 9 miles from town just waiting for their pictures to be taken.

As we get into the heavy brush I see a few deer make a run for it. I just am not fast enough bringing my camera up to get the shot.

We need to be back to meet the kids for breakfast

And we just barely beat them to the Capital Reef Inn. Home of the crazy breakfast.

The more things change, the more they stay the same in Torrey. The waitress is stressed and drops Louise's tea.

But we take it in stride getting a good laugh.

After we eat, we set off to see some friends of Janet over in Escalante who are making a beer garden. Instead of going over the paved road, we decide to take the dirt one which is shorter.

The first part of the road takes us up onto the rolling steppes of Bicknell. These are second only to those seen in Mongolia. Or maybe like 54th. I get confused smile

We do see the occasional wild beast on the road. I guess earrings are in this year.

Soon enough we are over 9000ft and in the pines. This area has a few lakes on it and the scenery is amazing.

A rare self potrait of our hero. It is cool up here still even though it is May.

The Jeep is getting a tad dirty

We next see one of the more interesting things I have seen. As we approach a cattle guard, we spy a marmot (insert Lebowski Joke) off to the side of the road. He ducks under the guard.

No Marmots are curious creatures and he uses the cattle guard like a bunker. I don't have my big camera at the ready again so use my point and shoot to get this shot.

He makes a break for the woods but we are after him now!

Handsome little devil though

From here we head on over to Possey Lake which is a really great place that one can only find if they get off the black top.

Of course I have nothing to worry about. Yet another day without seeing a bear!!!!

I do end up seeing this guy on the water and his bill is amazing.

There is even a pretty cool Beaver Dam here

And some cool lichen too!

We make our way down to the town of Escalante and stop for lunch and wait on Larry, who is taking care of business the old fashioned way.

Just a man on his horse.

Have to love the Gluten Free Truck!

What a rough way to spend the day.

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