Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Discovering Clamato Canyon

AH the smell of Torrey in the morning. That usually means coffee and a fresh pastry, a chat out on the front porch of the ChuckWagon Store with a few of the locals and then maybe a quick adventure to start the day.

We have moved into the cabin now and this will be home base for the rest of the week.

I tell Calvin, I need to moto and he lets me borrow the S Bike. Now the S Bike is amazing. It has more power then my GT and it is bundled in a lovely package that is a lot lighter then my dark blue monster. I do think the speedometer is broken though as I find my self in triple digits and not out of 4th gear.

Did I mention how much I love motorcycles? I mean really, I love them.

I moto on back to Killer's Garage and see that he is taking out all of the dirt bikes. While I can't ride with them this trip, I do get to see them off. They have plans to go and see what trouble they can get into.

I keep thinking of some 80's pop band when I see Sharron in this outfit but I am actually happy that she is in it since it is a pretty safe bet we will find her if she gets lost.

Larry is just riding in the same gear he rides the KTM in. Black and White Baby

The Englishman is ready for adventure!

Calvin, Louise and I decide to go for a hike. I am really excited to go spend time with them since we always have a grand time together. Calvin and Louise have really become dear dear friends and everytime we go out you know that we will have a good time. I am really blessed to have them in my life.

We set off to Go to a place East of the park that is known for slot canyons and some very interesting Geology. We decide to keep the top on the Jeep today since it is a tad bit cool, and we have sunburns.

I think these guys were following us.

We set off down the wash to see if we can find a slot canyon.

It is nice to find shade out here because it is in the low 90's when we get to this spot.

We find the entrance to the canyon but it turns out we need to go over this section as there is a blockage preventing us from moving through it.

A shot of me getting a shot of Calvin

We decide about here that we are going to head back to the jeep since we are not all wearing the right shoes or have the needed gear to move forward. Another day we will though.

My double sticks RULE!

After getting back to the car, we decide to gamble and try and get back to Torrey via the back way which has a road that is not maintained. The following pictures are from that road. It is amazing

I am so glad I didn't see this sign until near the end. Ignorance is bliss!

What a great day with two of my best friends. Oh and I forgive them for actually liking this stuff. At least it is lime flavored bud lite.


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