Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catching up with the Motos!

I have been spending some more of the spring in the saddle again which is always a good thing. Over the past few weekends I have taken a few rides. I usually write these posts in the present tense, but I am taking a break to get some photos up and out before May gets here.


Katie getting ready for her first ride on the GT.

I don't think we stopped laughing the entire 129 miles. Well other than that time with car coming right at us....kidding!

This is the Florence Court House (old and new) which is where we stopped on the way to get Ice Cream in Superior

She seemed happy getting off the bike too but tells me we are going to go riding again real soon. All in all a "step" in the right direction!

From here we jump ahead to my Birthday where Nick and I decided to stop goofing around and put the RT back together

Since Feb I have had the RT in pieces because of a leaky brake line. The line finally came in last week, we swapped it out in about 15 minutes. It then took us 4 hours to bleed and put the moto back together.

Mr Princeton and MIT decided he needed a book for bleeding the brakes. I had a better plan

I would use Nerdy Jami....I mean Cool Jamie's (not really but it is 2009) post from the RT board. As usual the man knows motos!

As usual I used the Honeywell brand products

We had it back and running like a champ!

After a short test ride (it needs tags and insurance) the verdict was a job well done!

The next morning I met the hoons for a little ride up to Christopher Creek for Breakfast on Howard!

The usual suspects

It was a perfect day to moto! And we kept it at a good pace though I admit I need a lot more practice in the upcoming weeks

Some people never get tired of asking for refills

I love motos

I took off alone to just enjoy the pines for a bit. What a great way to spend a Sunday Morning!

The tale of the tape

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Janet said...

I'm jealous but have no excuse for my bike sitting in the garage. Will you pul-eeze get to Torrey and motivate us to ride???