Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Went to a Garden Party

I hate repeats. But today I am going to revisit the Chihuly collection at the Desert Botanical Gardens to shoot it in the daylight and then see if I may have missed something when I was there at Christmas.

Some of you know Theresa who works with me and has become a good friend. Her interest in photography is growing and we agree that today we will go together and just take pictures.

We arrive at the gardens around 5ish with clouds looming in the distance for what may be the last real rain we will get before July. I love the weather, but hate the timing! Note the three glass sculptures that look like Agave in the picture.

T is armed with her camera. I am armed with a camera, a tripod, a big ole vest full of lenses a bag for my big Sigma macro lens that doesn't fit in my vest and with two cameras around my neck.

The cacti are in full bloom at the gardens which even without the glass would make for a worthy afternoon of photography

But I am here to shoot the Sculptures in the afternoon light.

Glass is such an interesting medium for art. I have now put it on my list of things to learn how to do.

All very worthy

We walk along with people who I have never met ease dropping on bits of their conversation about the sculptures, many not from Arizona speak of the botanical gardens as if it is another world. This is interesting to me since I have lived among the area for so long. One woman grumbles that how can one have a Blue Palo "VERDE" tree? Another speaks of the fact that the desert if full of "harsh killing things" unlike the safe streets of Chicago where she is from. On a path somewhere near the entrance a teen age girl says to her father, "I can relate to Chihuly because he likes to make Monsters". That sticks with me. As we make are way around I look at some of his art as just that.

Like a B Movie feature, this poor soon to be forgotten starlet has no idea the fate that awaits her at the hands of "Zorgon from Planet K". Pass the popcorn Owen.

Is it art or one of the eggs of the creatures that will take over planet Earth?

The Monster theme runs its course and I come back to earth with the help of T who is really getting into taking pictures which makes me smile. She also has had a good laugh because I have dropped my lens cap for about the 40th time by the time we get about half way through the park.

Taking pictures with me is fun but I also am grateful for her offering to hold the tripod and lens bag. No Sherpa from Nepal for me, I am keeping T.

We wander over to the Boat with all the glass spheres.

Totally amazing how they get the colors in these.

As cool as these are my lens is drawn to the crowd. I see a woman who must be from Alaska to be wearing boots like this in the desert.

And to think that Katie wouldn't let me bring Mr.Penguin the Wizard along. I told her I wouldn't be the only guy with a doll at the garden.

T is really trying to take her game to the next level!

The subject matter is glorious!

There is a small riparian pond at the gardens we check out. It has these glass icebergs floating in it.

I find these guys pretty interesting too

The sun is starting to set and we make our way back towards the main entrance to get some night shots before it closes.

One of those Blue Green trees smile

This is why I need to get a second camera with a big ole lens to get shots that just happen. This woodpecker strikes the perfect pose and I have no time to get a great picture. Still it is pretty cool to see them

Another boat which I missed back in December.

It is more crowded now as the sun sets and I am not all that into crowds tonight. T is taking it all in and I take a break while she sets off to explore some of the areas that I have already been to.

I decide to mess with my flash a little and see what comes out. I like this one a lot

This is another worthy shot that I get messing around

A future River Dancer

AS it gets dark a whole other world comes to life in the gardens.

It is a worthy night and I am so happy I am here. But I need to run to Ikea to help a damsel in distress so away I go.

NOTE: The Chihuly show is on until the end of May. You need reservations It is totally worth seeing!


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Some of the cacti almost seem like they are dancing...