Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ouray IV

The Solstice is upon us and there is no other place in the world I would rather spend it than in Colorado. Colorado rocks! And most of my dear friends are willing to take a little break from our realities and get together for a weekend of fun. We have our condos there that we have rented for years and now it is all a matter of getting on the road.

The boys from San Diego get to my house and immediately surf the net to see the weather in Ouray. Since they just crossed the desert I can't blame them. Jamie and Bill are always welcome in my house, even after Jamie refuses to honor the "Rules for 2009".

Nothing like waking up in the morning to a garage full of motorcycles ready to go.

The GPS is set to zero, and Jamie checks the map. We are in fact ready to moto!

My moto is pretty much loaded with gear. My hardest decision was to take my sticks for hiking. Since it is June, I strap the Camelback onto the tank bag so I have extra water. The Top case pretty much has all my cameras packed in there.

Our first stop is Flagstaff where it is already in the 60's. We are amazed that the temps are not colder.

For those in the know, Cafe Express is a great local joint for breakfast. The wait staff is fun, and I quickly make friends with Dana there who treats us like kings.

Dana and I have trouble parting and I am pained to tell her that I need my hiking sticks more than a Pillion. But for a minute I think about letting Bill carry the sticks smile

But it is time to Moto!

We eat the miles and soon find ourselves back on the Navajo Reservation heading towards the fake Four Corners Monument.

A quick pass Tuba City on the way to Kayenta.

The V1 Radar Detector is worth every penny to me. That along with great sightlines let us just eat the miles.

The views are pretty good the closer we get to Colorado.

Just over the border in Colorado, we hit some road work.

Having a GT on these roads gives me a big advantage over the guys on the RT's. My ability to pass other cars is a lot easier. By the time we get to the Flag Girl, I am several cars in front. She tells me to get the boys up in front. We wait about 20 minutes there and then have 10 miles of nice road beyond the construction with no traffic. I wish I had looked down to see how fast I was going over most of it smile

After a short stop in Cortez, we make our way up past Delores and then into the Mountains!!!!!! WHOO HOO! Traffic is really light even with the BlueGrass Concert in Telluride over Lizard Head Pass.

It just keeps getting prettier and prettier.

We are really enjoying the ride when out comes the one big buzz kill to any sport touring ride

Our pal LEO

We arrive and some of the hoons are there waiting for us. Nothing like a great ride and seeing old friends

All of the usual suspects are there. But hold on. The guy on the left looks like my buddy Danny from Florida.....

It turns out two of my favorite hoons from the Grapefruit League are here!!! What a grand suprise!

As day one comes to a close, it is clear that this is going to be a special weekend.

We have a grand dinner

After walking home somebody tracks mud on the carpet. His name is Bill Walker

He takes on the job of cleaning person and does a good job. Little do I know how his cleaning abilities will cost me tomorrow.

Jan has a plan I am sure for tomorrow

Janet laughing at something funny I said. One of the many reasons we love her. Her ability to laugh at lame jokes.

Bill taking out his road rage on Larry

More later.....

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