Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ouray IV Part II

Waking Up in the morning is always one of my favorite times of the day. Waking up to the sound of a river outside and knowing it is cool because the window is open and not the AC is a bonus I only get once a year at the condo in Ouray! Today is going to be a great one!!!

The view from my condo

I need to excercise since I am back at the doc next week. This getting in shape thing takes no breaks and neither does Tommy. Today, me and Louise are going to hike up to Cascade Falls. It is a big deal because while it is right in town, the hill to the falls is LONG. Steep and LONG. My man Larry and Bob are already up as I get to the other condo and Louise is just about ready. We set off for the Falls.

This is about half way up the hill. Way down at the bottom is where we started. I am breathing...sort of. Ouray is almost 8000 ft and this hill is double tough for me. But I am not a quilter....or a quitter smile

It is worth the walk though to see this. Amazing place

On the way down we run into Danny walking the town taking pictures.

This old Jeep catches my eye on the way down. It is pretty cool to see old relics like this guy still working for a living.

As we work our way back down to the condo to change and meet people for breakfast, we take a back alley as a short cut

This young lady must have been taking a nap but decided to not be friendly. Her loss

At breakfast we decide to set off and conquer Engineer Pass. A few of the crew lugged in dirt bikes and my man Joel has a GS and wants to make the trip as well. Those of us with street bikes will rent jeeps. We head off to get them and after a few diplomatic calls we have 3 jeeps (well Roy already had one) and set off to the launch point.

Honestly I am concerned and have told most of the folks that I think the road up to Engineer Pass will be tough in the best of conditions. This is Colorado and even in June, conditions can be goofy. Clouds are building as we set off.

Phil in one of the jeep with Bob, Larry and Louise in it.
Following close behind is Roy and the Rock Star who also happens to be Roy's Son.

Our Hero's Kick Ass Rubicon. Now it isn't as Plush as the Mr JK or even the Mr. G, this guy had some serious ability to make Billy Goat Mountain Men shudder. It is a worthy steed for the day. Though Jamie in the back wishes it has more weather protection. I tell him it may sprinkle.

The big GS heading up the hills.

So as we climb up the first set of crazy switchbacks up the pass I see Phil in the Lead Jeep stop and jump out. Seems that Joel's big GS has decided to take a nap in the middle of the road. For those of you who are not adventure riders out there that means his bike fell over. It is now facing down hill and missing a few minor parts. It still runs though! Joel decides to park the bike and jump in with Roy and the Rock Star.

Phil not buying for a minute that the Giant Ouray Snow Yeti knocked Joel over

The other 4 riders have pressed on and I take up the chase while the others bring up the rear guard.

As I catch the Florida boys and the SLC crew up the hill, it starts to Rain. We decide to press on. I give them some space

It is raining pretty good now and as we climb higher the weather is getting a tad more iffy. I put on a rain jacket to keep me dry in case I have to get out.

Pretty soon I have to get out. Jan has caught napping disease himself and his bike sits on the side of an overhang. He dodged a pretty big bullet.

While the picture above doesn't look bad,

This shot looking down says it all. How the bike didn't slide down that cliff will be a mystery forever.

Jan talks hard about going back down but we convince him to press on. Not because we want to see him get in worse, but the Animas Fork Rd down to Silverton is a much easier grade and going down what we just came up in the rain is really a bad idea.

We group up at one of the little ghost town. Here Rock Star and his Dad are having the time of their lives. Pretty damn cool. I think again about all of the folks that should be with us but aren't and I sigh. Then I laugh as I see some people riding up on 4 wheelers.

Not often do you get to see a German Shepard in Camo Raingear.

We keep a chugging along

Cool old Willy's

As we climb up I talk to a guy coming down and he says that up on top it is starting to snow. That's right, June 20th and it is snowing up ahead. I love Colorado

Jamie laughing and fully understanding that the reason we brought him and Phil wasn't because we love their company as much as it was because they are both paramedics in real life.

Even Rin Tin Tin thinks we are nuts to keep climbing up. But how bad can it be?

The First few flakes

Ok maybe it is a bit more then a few flurries. But the road is still clear.

The Bikes are thinking this is not as much fun. The temp is now near freezing which is tough on the Florida guys who aren't used to this. They moto on though. We may be nuts, but we sure aren't too sharp either

Jan at the top of the crossroads where we can take the road down towards Silverton. Looks like Engineer Pass will have to wait for Ouray V.

I step out for some fresh air

All bikes are still up though and running and we head down the hill.

There is a reason they make red jeeps I guess. To see them in the snow!

Eventually we get down off the mountain enough to be in the rain again and not the snow. All safe and sound and laughing at the simple of thrill of living life to its fullest. There is something about getting out of a tough spot that is better then any drug on the planet. Having your friends around makes it all the better.

I love all you guys and can't think of a better bunch of people to call friends.

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