Tuesday, June 9, 2009

North Rim Top 40

Nick knows how to pack for an adventure!

The ride up to Flagstaff was as usual very worthy. Gotta love sunrise.

We stopped off at Navajo Bridge and did a little exploring

Nick is standing on the left bridge which now just carries people on foot since it was built in 1929 and never was meant for the large vehicles of today. The Bridge on the right was completed in 1995.

A view of the Colorado River. As I take a look around I notice movement in the rocks below me.

I find Number 9!! or is it Number 6!!!!?

What a cool bird! And he is pretty damb big. Nick mentions something about him thinking that he is looking at me like I could be lunch so we move on towards the Canyon.

Pretty soon we are up on the Kaibab Plateau and making our way toward the Canyon. The fires in this area have done a lot of damage, but the plants are coming back now. That cycle of life thing is pretty darn cool.

We decide to head off the beaten path and see if we can see the start of the canyon. Since the North Rim is so much higher you can get a pretty good view of the vistas to the East and South.

The Aspens up here are getting their leaves and the sense of green is almost overwhelming. This is the lushest forests in all of Arizona.

The road ends and we walk out and find a grand sight. This is a place I am going to come back to and explore some more in the future.

We find a lot of motorcycles on the road to the Rim. Makes me miss mine a little but it is about 50 outside and the Jeep is pretty comfortable.

I love being a tourist!

Nick negotiating for our deluxe private camping spot.

I think he did pretty good!

So we decide to head off to get some fire wood. Lets just say we got a lot of wood.

From there it was off to the Rim to have a look at the famous Lodge there.

Not sure if they were going to take these down the river but I sure thought they were amazing

Very Worthy

The view of the inside of the lodge. Amazing place and it being June 6th, they had period music from the 40's on the radio.

Though the radio was a little older. Very Cool

Nick was still on the search for more firewood

No Nick we can't burn the Kachina. No need to get the Hopi's mad at me.

The dining area was pretty nice too.

Oh and the weather for a June day...Perfect!

From here we strike out to go see Cape Royal which is about 20 miles from the campsite. I have no memory of being out here when I was a child and am amazed by how beautiful the area is

Again this is the far end of the canyon


Nick and I are getting along great here.

But somehow he "slips"....I go get him in a few minutes though since his wife is just now starting to like me again.

There is just something about this place that makes one reflect.

There are a few small fires on the South Rim today.

Everyone should go see the North Rim at least once.

The place has so many less tourists then the South Rim. We had several places all to ourselves or maybe one or two people on the vistas.

Word was out about dinner though.

I feel like giving a really good speech about something totally spiritual but Nick mentions that the vultures keep looking at me like I am going to be the main course.

Hmmm a feast for a king

Cooked to perfection

What a great day!

Roughing it

Sunday is here and we decide to break camp and head for home. A lot in real life now for both of us but we have had a grand time.

We say good bye to Bambi

Spliting the driving makes the 400 miles fly by and before you know it we are back.

But what makes the time go by even faster?

Some super sounds of the 70's Baby!

See you all next time and to quote my man Kasey Kasum, "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars"


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Fantastic! However I'm quite sure with your record, I know exactly how he "slipped..."