Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lounging Around Town....Torrey XV Style

I make no bones about the fact that if I can somehow ever make it work from a life career point of view I will live in Torrey. Because of this dream, I always look for places to live there.

This house really has me hooked because it is far enough off the main drag for my liking along with some views that are amazing. Maybe someday I will make the plunge and get up there.

It still is cold enough for ice to get generated in the mornings. No Socks and I set off while the gang is still asleep and look around some more.

This sheep has the system figured out. While the other dumb schmucks in the flock are eating grass, he discovers that the ice has provided enough weight for the branches to sag giving him a gourmet meal!

Finally getting the kids up for breakfast, we are lucky to be joined by two real gas passers. Chris on the right in yellow is a doctor who makes sure you really go under…

Richard is the kind you first thought of when you read the above passage.

We take riding in groups seriously. Whip is the captain of this team of folks and wants to make sure they know what the rules are.

I have been going through a phase where I like to ride alone or with only one or two people I am used to riding with. Not sure if it is the new GT or just my desire to avoid parades. Either way, No Socks, Barry, and I decide we will just go for a short ride for coffee.

The Kiva Koffee House is about 70 miles over Boulder Mountain and the Escalante Staircase. We are on our way in a few and soon enough we come upon the parade of a riders being led by Larry.

Larry is great at setting good rules about staying together and going at a smell the roses pace. He is a preacher who gets his flock to stay within his rules.

I last of all of 4 miles before I have to pass. My addiction to speed is getting the better of me as I go up through the ranks. There is no doubt that the people on radios are telling each other the mad kraut is coming up and in a few minutes I am passed what seems like 10 riders. Larry gives me a wave and I know if he could he would be with me hooning it up.
Man the road is PERFECT. Dry and cool and full of twisties. My rhythm on the GT sets in. Going higher and higher up to 9000ft my moto is hugging the corners and I pass only 4 cars in about 30 miles. My tires are ok, not stellar, which this road really requires to get the most out of the ride. I dial it back down to about 70 and just enjoy. Why they have a 40mph speed limit must be a mistake in these corners. For the trip in September the GT will have better shoes on it.

The view from the top is cool. I don’t linger long though and down the other side I go.

Rolling to Boulder Utah the weather is getting warm enough to turn off the electrics and crack the shield to let some cool air in. Man it doesn’t get much better then this.

This is a stitched photograph, well really 9 and I am not all that happy with the quality, but it does show the Escalante Staircase and the fact that someone built a road on a the spine of a mountain. It is worthy if you are not afraid of heights. Barry leads on and we get to the Koffee Kiva and wait for No Socks to arrive.

This little gem of a place sits on a ridge overlooking some fantastic scenery. It will become a regular Torrey stop for me going forward. Oh and the food and coffee are worthy.

This is what I am talking about!

My life rocks. I mean I get to spend time in a great place riding fast motos with some great people who I have been lucky enough to meet. No Socks is a Master Volvo technician and Barry is a retired G-man and we spend a few hours talking everything from oil, to motos to good wine. Say what you want about me, but folks I am one lucky SOB to have pals like this.

We roll back the way we come and soon enough Chris passes me and we go up and over the mountain again having a hoot. Did I mention I need new tires? We arrive back in Torrey and see the crew at the local burger joint “Slackers”. A better name for our crew doesn’t exist so I stop in for a drink. This picture is the only one that shows my bike off the trailer.

I love this picture. It has so many different story lines in it. Please take a minute and look at it.

What do I do next? Ah, nap time! And there is soccer to be watched at Bob’s! Tonight we are getting together at the Chuck Wagon as more folks are arriving. It will be a late night I bet.

No Socks can’t sit still. He has to be doing something. This afternoons project is to take the bike he hung up in the garage last year at Bob’s and fix it.

Did you really think for a minute he wouldn’t get it running? The man is a mechanical genius! Seriously, between him, Tim 10ovr, and Richard, I do not think there is anything they couldn’t build. Next Spring I think they are planning to build a nuclear reactor with some of the stuff in Bob’s garage. You wait and see.

No Socks wants to go see the camel and sets off on the bike. I better go make sure all is ok and get some folks who want to see the big fell and we are off to see him.

He trots right up

It is funny to watch these two since they have become such grand friends!

I may be looking for a new sidekick.


I wish I could have one or two with my man Thor. He gets to some great places and is good people. is his site and worth a look!

A friend of the devil is a friend of mine! Trust me that smile hides a impish delight in causing trouble.

Time to come up with bail money… again

The Harley crowd from Salt lake along with Andy and Debbie. Two of the most wonderful people I have the pleasure to know.

On a sad note, the next day, there was an accident Leroy and Sharon Facing me in the picture on the left had an accident coming down Boulder Mountain. They will be ok.

The Chuck wagon always puts on a nice dinner for us and we appreciate it. Here Philly and Al are discussing something totally trivial I bet while Louise worries about Larry having to sell T-shirts while we enjoy ourselves.

He looks like he is having a ball to me so I go back to mingling.

The brains of the outfit

So many great folks here and I am stoked to get to see them all. I do not get to spend as much time chatting with them let alone riding with them as I would like to. This Fall Brian we are riding the GT’s together amigo.

Extra desserts mean…

Happy Englishman!

While I didn’t see Richard kiss a camel, I did see…well never mind.

Sue!!!! Always wonderful to see ya!

We are all together for a love of machines. Beautiful fast machines. Even if they are fickle, expensive to fix, and from a Bavarian outfit. They are glorious!

If you get nothing else EVER from my stories, please remember this last line. It will set you free!

The man is as cool as Steve McQueen. Get him a Belstaff!

We get buzzed by this plane and I think I find my next cool hobby.

You can almost touch them!

Camille and Jacqueline plotting to get us all into some sort of trouble.

The stories go well into the night and I laugh so much sometimes it hurts. A great day and more is still to come!

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Sebastian said...

Cool stuff. The ice pics are great. So is the one of Richard :) Wish I'd been able to say hello to you at Torrey.