Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting Dirty at Torrey XV

In my mind I have already totally convinced myself that I am destined to live for a time in Utah. My connections to this place are deep and fit my lifestyle much more so then the big city. There is part of me that will miss the action of working in a big corporation but that will pass. Torrey is the best breakfast cereal prize in the world that I have yet to win. I keep buying boxes knowing that someday it will be there.

Today we are setting off to ride and play in the dirt. Dirt is such a wonderful word isn’t it? It means that we are getting out there in nature, not caring if we get a little dusty, muddy or dirty.

JohnLT is joining us. It was nice of the rest of us to let him ride his motorcycle this morning.

NoSocks has the best way to always make sure he has a bike. The only person in the entire universe that can get Bob’s KLR to run is a gimmick that is pure evil genius!

Whip just wants to survive the day

I have a crew in the Mr. G. and Richard is riding in the Toyota with some more folks. I think we have close to 10 folks out here today! And it is a perfect day!

Some people always have to take pictures of their motorcycles… I don’t know what they see in these.

Now taking pictures of Mr. G is different…Honest!

Killer is turning into his alter ego Monty by the minute as we get out here. He starts to intermix Utah with Tunisia back in 42.

Barry is buying none of it. I mean do you really think you can get that past a G-man?

Have I mentioned that I have a great life lately?

It is so glorious out today. The area is just so beautiful every way you look.

We stop to talk some more, and get some water. It is about 85 out and we will see 100 somewhere down the road so it is better to stay hydrated. I tell Monty that I will take up the rearguard since we are going to be stopping for some pictures and do a little rock hounding.

The desert up here is in Bloom.

Over the next few miles I am drawn to take some more flower pictures. There is a rock formation coming up that has every right to be it’s own National Park but by misfortune is located on a back road far away from the pavement.

We stop to get a better look.

It is amazing to see cliffs several hundred feet high like this one.

Barry is into the flowers too.

As I am getting up he tells me to come over to where he is standing and says get ready to say …

Worthy. This little dude is rock and roll cool. I am sure that the ladies dig the colors.

He even has Steven Tyler Lips! He has no fear and just hangs out sunning himself as the Paparazzi click away.

Very Cool.

We better catch up to the group though since we have lunch in the Mr. G.

The road rolls up a series of switchbacks that are worth capturing on film.

The Mr. G. is just so photogenic

This may be a surprise but I am having a blast out here and I can’t believe the beauty.

A view from the top.

Monty has set up his HQ and awaits the arrival of the Germans. Little does he realize he has a spy in his midst.

We have lunch and decide to go down a side loop road to explore some more before heading back to town for dinner. I tell them no worries, I want to take a few landscapes still so don’t worry.

I see this totally cool dead tree. I get out get ready to take the shot and then…

No Socks!!!

There are a lifetime of pictures out here to be taken.

We are getting a little dirty in this one.

Thad, Barry and I get out to explore why Louise watches the car. The geology around here is so cool.

Thad finds another lizard to play with.

So much road out there to explore.

Snake!!! Ok not a rattler but still a worthy find. Out we go to investigate further. I miss having Monty hear just because I am sure he would have said it is some rare Mamba from Mubai. He is English you know.

Turns out the snake is camera hog too.

We pull out and make our way to the top of the Burr Trail which is always amazing around sundown. The crew is tiring on me but we still have about an hour to go. We should be good I think.

We fall through a space time contigu…I can’t spell that big word but the muse hit me in PhotoShop to make this picture look old. Barry stands on top of the trail. You can see some Harley’s down there to make you believe in the 1880’s technology.

Straight out of the Farside I tell ya.

We are getting into town just in time for dinner. We decide to go to the Rim Rock for another meal. I am so bad at goodbyes to my friends. I hug them knowing I will see a few in the next few months and many more in Torrey. For a few Spring Torrey is the only time I get to spend with friends in person. But I know I need to be up at 4 am to get the Mr. G. down to Phoenix.

As the sun rises on Highway 95 I reflect on what a great trip this is and how even after so many times up I love it here.

Lake Powell is tugging at me for a return trip and I think that could be in the cards sometime in the near future.

The Road has so much more to share.

I hope you enjoyed the trip. Please share the site if you like it with others who may be interested in the places I go see.

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