Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grapes are almost ready!

After riding a little this morning on the GT, I had breakfast with my Dad and decided that I needed to get out and check on the garden. Now this sounds like no big deal but here in the desert. So with me off to the Rockies next weekend for a photo safari, I figured I would share some pictures from the backyard today.

At least it wasn't 110 yet!

Jesus Perez says I am completely loco to go outside but if I need him, he has my back.

The Hibiscus are in full bloom

And as long as I keep watering 2 times a day, the roses don't mind the heat either. Though they don't have the aroma that their temperate cousins have.

The fish still hasn't got that bumble bee

Grapes are almost ready for harvest. Figure right before I leave for Colorado this week

Should be a really good harvest!

Any one else have anything in their gardens worth sharing?

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