Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Remodel

So rather then spending the past few weekends out and about, I have managed to work on my house and remodel the upstairs. This started out as a basic get rid of the carpet project that a few friends wanted to help me out with. In reality I ended up hiring pros and the job turned into a full on project that included painting, carpentry, and even a little side investment in a new water heater. I just wish I had a finish carpenter around.

First out with the carpet

Liam did not like this project one bit since the amount of noise really had him spending quality time under the bed.

I did manage to paint a few walls before the floor guys got there to lay the new floor

While they layed the floor I took a little trip to Mexico for work

I saw this cool wall and palm tree as I discovered that Mexicali has a Starbucks

I then spent this weekend puttling together a set of shelves and had a new sofa delivered.

All in all I am happy with the way it turned out. Still have to work the office part as well as the TV set up but that will have to wait

This week it is off to check back cause more pictures will be on the way!

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