Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unicorns, Goblins and the Road to the East Torrey XV II

(Editors Note: I have added 3 pictures to the end of this Torrey XV I tale to finish the story for the time being regarding Fletcher. So take a moment to go down to the end if you are looking for closure to the first monster story)

Goblins, Mythical Beasts, magic and quests of adventures are always something that capture my imagination. The Geography of Utah has all the makings of a place like Middle Earth or some other out of this world fantasy place. Adding to this is the fact that so often you can go for what seems like hours without seeing a human being makes it a great place to day dream in.

While sitting in the hammock, I quickly determine the best way to forget all about my real life responsibilities is to set off to find the Goblin King, and hand him a serious can of Whoojavascript:void(0)
Publish Postp Ass.

No Socks is game as long as he doesn’t have to be the unnamed dwarf that dies in the 2nd act or have to wear some stupid outfit and speak some non existent lame language some geek from Princeton thought up while secretly wishing he could meet a elfish princess. I agree and also tell him he wont have to take advice from some tree dude that talks. Having no issues with these concessions, we pick up two blondes and off we go towards the mythical Goblin Valley. Hey its my story!

I am not sure that the pass is clear to the East. There could be giant Mechanical Monsters with German Tourists out there, or even worse…Belgians on rented Harley’s!
The Mr. G is not afraid so once more into the breach and we enter the unknown of Capital Reef.

A rider comes from further in the pass. While I do not know his steed there is no mistaking the faded Riding gear. Arizona Al has arrived being followed by the one and only court jester with 14 jokes. Our path forward is clear.

Traffic is not an issue out here.

We come upon an abandoned outpost but there is no sign of life out here. Very cool stuff though in the ground that makes it very much an artist’s dream.

A dead soldier from the past sits as a silent testament to the harshness of the region. Given an hour and some bailing wire, No Socks and Tim could have the thing running like new. But that is another story.

We come to the sign that tells me we are close to finding the Goblin King!

One of the Goblin King's minions. Don’t let the smile fool you. She demands $7.00 and No Socks pays her. She may have used some sort of Jedi mind trick on him.

We come upon the first Goblin. This sentry has nothing to say to us but we all look about now with some additional trepidation not knowing what to expect as we get to the valley.

As we rise over the hill we see them for the first time. They are everywhere and no two are the same. It is breathtaking and other worldly all at the same time.

No Socks has no fear and charges in. We will never see him again…

Kidding! He has a no kill clause in his faithful sidekick contract.

Getting close to the Goblins you see that no simple explanation exists to how they got there and how time has formed them. My fairy theory is still in the running as far as I am concerned.

The sentry’s have nothing to say. Just like the Royal guards at Buckingham Palace.

Even here there is life

I don’t think these two are indigenous to the region though.

Flowers like this one make for some interesting contrasts with the harsh landscapes. I find it funny since no bee would ever be out here unless it got caught in a Winebego with a bunch of Bavarians eating Pretzels.

You would not think there is much out here that can survive

The Three Sisters out there keeping an eye out for Prince Charming.

Another angle of the sisters.

We almost run into this fellow. I think at first he is a Unicorn but his 2nd horn blows that hypothesis out of the water.

We pull out of the valley and head home for dinner at El Diablo. Another great adventure behind us but we were bound to have more in the upcoming days!

Adios for now…

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