Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grand Falls March 2008

At almost 200ft high, Grand Falls on the Little Colorado comes alive this time of year. Bob "Killer" Palin and I decided to head up to Flagstaff and attempt to photograph them before the snow melt is finished. There are no real signs to get there and you have to hunt pretty hard to find them out on the rez. We weren't all alone but the number was like 10 people. A far cry from the masses of tourists like you would have seen at Niagara Falls or some other place of this scale.

Looks like a big Chocolate milk fountain

Notice the rock on the right side? It is bigger then my house

The Trooper for scale

It was in a word WORTHY

This is about 100 yards upstream. See what I mean by being sort of hidden?

The Griswald mobile on a Whoop-de-do

I love this beast and check out the new shocks!

This great photo taken by Bob asks "Where to wander next I wonder?"


1 comment:

Ken said...

Man - I can't believe you guys didn't try to ride a barrel over the falls.

Now THAT would have been worthy.