Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Have Arrived.

Ah yes, my life has found a spot to share with all of you. Over the past few years, I have set off on a few adventures that were worth sharing. A surprising number of you have sent me requests to have these tales in one spot. Surprising me, since this means you are actually reading my thoughts as well as looking at my pictures. So this is will be my attempt to start to chronicle these journeys into my universe in one place. I hope that you, like many other folks

So over the next few weeks I will be getting the adventures of 2008 up and perhaps adding a few of the "classics" up as well.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the feedback.



Bill Ferris said...

Tom, this is great!!!! I love vicarious adventures when I can't have my own.

Gabbi Atondo said...

This is Gabbi, Edgardo´s wife, he send me your pictures, I realy enjoy them, I love the ones of the Mision because mi family comes from Spain when the misions were founded, mi grand, grand, and I don´t really remember how far grand was jajaja, but he brougth Padre Kino in his shipp to Baja, well that´s another story.
I enjoy as well the chocolate fountain, and some of the nature picures you took.
Congratulation you are a very good photographer!!! I like that they are fresh, originals and spontaneus. You can see that you really had fun taking them and thats the most important part of the adventure.
Hopping to see more and sorry for my writting... Gabbi