Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow Bum!!

Having been under the weather for most of the month of January and February, I really needed a few days away from the house. Stills disease is funny because you actually don't look sick but you body aches all the time. By week 5 I needed out but no way could I go on my own. As usual, my great group of friends came to my rescue and a plan was in place to get me from my house to Colorado. Jamie and Leslie would drive over from Coronado and we would take the Mr. G with me as a passenger up. Then, we would just hang out for a few days together and enjoy the snow. Matt and Bob would be there from Utah along with Larry the ring leader with the always amazing Louise to fill out the crew. No better group could have been assembled to make me laugh.

The plan was to meet up with some friends in Beaver Creek, where Whip and Louise had a line on a great condo. Because of scheduling, we decided to rent a house instead in Breckenridge. Whip has been toying with the idea of getting a shop there for years and knows the area well.

I managed to get us a great house on the hills above town.

The house was at 10600 ft and the snow was deep. Getting up to the house required 4WD! but we knew Whip and Louise were there since they had the keys.

The Icicles were magical

This Canyon Jay was a real character. We had set out some bread in the snow once we saw a few flying about. This one had no fear

Belly Landing!!!!

My main partner in crime.

Trying to blend in with the natives

Why some people shouldn’t ski

As usual the Mr. G handled the ride up and back flawlessly

This brings new meaning to the phrase “Cold Feet”

So what happens when you get a bunch of knuckleheads together who all love to ride motorcycles fast , give them a kids snow saucer, and toss in a really steep mountain road with an altitude of 10,000ft? MAYHEM!!! The only thing that saved us was there wasn't a 2nd one for us to race each other on.

It’s ok he’s a paramedic!

The call me the snow plow!

It was destined to end this way

Especially in 20ft of snow!!!

On the way home we were treated to hours of views like this one. Colorado is just too worthy for words

Even the ordinary is beautiful up there

This guy caught our attention but by the time we got out and took his picture he was about 500 yards away and never looked back. Bummer because he was a good looking bobcat.

Trust me I will be back to this area. It is just too amazing


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Killer said...

I think you'll find that the cat is a lynx rather than a bobcat, the tufts on the ears are distinctive and the solid black spot on the tail.