Friday, April 4, 2008

Sometimes Life Should be Black and White

Over the past few months I have taken about 1400 pictures. The ones I have really liked I have shared with you all through postings and now this blog. Today it came to me that I still have a special appreciation of Black and White photography. With Photoshop you can convert images so here are a few of the shots I haven't shared or feel are well suited to the B&W medium. There is a section below where you can comment on the post. I would love to here if you like these and if I should include more over the coming months in the blog. Thanks for reading!

Needles of a Cacti taken at the Boyce Thompson Aboretum Near Superior Arizona.

As I was stuck in the house for most of January, this fella loved to keep me company by banging on my neighbors SatTV Dish. Gila Woodpeckers are pretty cool though so I am not complaining too much. Besides I have Cable

My new GT and my pal Phil's GS in San Diego. It may be the only time this Spring they are together.

During the week we may Aerospace Dweebs but on some weekends Nick and I are really out there exploring the hinterlands. Here is his Jeep somewhere out there...

Saguaro Cacti Near ....Saguaro Lake. I think it is a mere coincidence that they share a name.

This patten is really a Agave plant which I photographed outside my friends Leslie's and Jamie's house in San Diego. Trippy when I converted it to B&W

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