Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Road To Ruidoso

[EDITORS NOTE APRIL 25: This entry was originally posted on April 21st but I have moved it up so that it reads in chronological order.]

There is always so much going on in my head as I get ready to embark on the first long ride of the season. With the GT, The bike is close to its 3000mile check up (wow I have ridden the GT 3000 miles in just over 6weeks) but I am going to let it wait until I return Sunday. The weather is going to shift at least 50 degrees and more since the ride will take me across the desert and up into the mountains around 8k. Only 2 real days away so I won’t need the duffle. I decide I am not taking the electrics mostly because I haven’t hooked up the plug yet on the GT. For those reading this and not aware, motorcyclists such as myself have electric clothes we use to keep warm.

Why Ruidoso New Mexico? Larry “Whip” has a way of twisting my arm to do silly things. He uses great subterfuge like “Brother, we need to go to Ruidoso and to look for some good roads, and maybe discover the real story of Billy the Kid“. This beguiling double speak leaves me no other option then to stammer…”I’m in”. Before he is done, we have a 5 man Posse. Chris and I from Arizona, along with Whip, Ed and Billy from Texas. Ed, is a new acquaintance of mine outside the internet riding community and Billy aka “The Lawman” is from East Texas where he is constable for a county there.

I have done a few 300 mile days but this ride is over 500 and I am going to be riding with Chris O. Chris is a very experienced rider but we have not ridden together all that much. We meet at 6 at the normal spot out by Apache Junction.

Chris gets there in no time and lets me know either that he voted in the last Iraqi election or that he just ate 3 Raspberry Zingers. Actually that smile just makes you know we are in for a glorious day.

We make tracks to Globe and then make our way to Safford. I am riding in a good vibe and look for a theme to develop. We pass a few old planes and helicopters on the road before pulling into Duncan Arizona. I see a sign that say “Jet Plane”. We have to go see it.

It seems that the Air Force left the town of Duncan a F-100 Super Sabre as a monument. That’s right Chris…any landing you can walk away from…even one done on a pole.

I am glad to have stopped but we need some breakfast and Safford seems as good a place as any. After breakfast we moto on towards Silver City and on down towards Deming New Mexico.

Chris earns the nickname Glue from me by about 10am it seems. No matter how fast I go or where I turn, “Glue” my wingman is on my six. Got to love it

Many of us have driven through Deming New Mexico, maybe gotten some gas there or had a bite. Few have gone into the town to have a look.

They have a pretty cool courthouse just off the main drag and we stop to have a look around and get some water.

I have walked many of the battlefields of WWI and II and these monuments always get my attention. Hey Dan another person to track down I think.

The trees around court houses seem to weather more and have interesting shapes.

We spent a few more minutes checking out the town and came upon another public park.

They take their city ordances pretty seriously in Deming. There was a museum but we still have 200+miles and we want to stop at White Sands for some pictures. So off we Moto.

My GT really stands out against the white and the area is still amazing. The following pictures are shot within about 100 yards of each other. We only have a ½ hour since we need to make the climb up the mountain to Ruidoso to meet the Texans.

Amazing Place to visit. We get back on to the road and make our way up to Ruidoso and find the cabins. They are rustic, not level and really pretty cool. The Texans have beaten us by about 15 minutes so we decide to head over for dinner at Michelena’s. Mainly because it is about 100ft down the road and we want a drink and some food.

The food is fantastic but they have no liquor license so I doubt they will be around for long without one. Too bad but Ruidoso is a tourist town for mostly Texans.

It is weird eating on little Joey’s School Picture.

Larry has a friend Jim who agrees to pick us up and take us to his place for some drinks and even ferry us back later that night.

Eddd calls Shotgun but too late. Billy starts getting mouthy with Whip and suffers for it.\

There is something poetically wrong with stuffing a Lawman into the back of a car.

It could almost be a picture right out of “Good Fellas”

We are men of simple tastes….

The Lawman holds court.

Whip telling us how he swears its true

Edd is the only one among smart enough to not drink and quickly catches on to Whip and the Lawman’s tales of adventure.

I wish we all lived a little closer as usual but we make tracks for home around midnight. After all we have to find Billy the Kid Still.

Like all good Western Riders, we make sure the steeds are bedded down for the night before turning in ourselves.

Tomorrow it will all be about the old west, Little do I know what surprises await in Lincoln County. Unfortunately right after taking this picture it dawns on me... I am taller then the door. Ask me how I know…

[NOTE: Looking for Billy The Kid should be posted no later then Tuesday so check back please]


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Wonderful story and pictures as usual.

Good to see the faces of all these outlaws ! *gg*