Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whats 24 Years Between Friends?

Ok so the last time I saw Mike Jenkins was May 25, 1985, when the powers that be allowed me to leave the public school system wearing a dress and a level hat on my head with a tassel. This morning will end that streak right around 8800 days.

Mike found me on Facebook, and has expressed interest in moto touring. He currently rides a Harley and has been asking me about ST1300, RT's etc. I told him a few weeks ago to come by and he can ride both my bikes and see if he likes it. Today is the day.

The RT all ready to go for Mike. We have to jump start it though since it has been such a hanger queen in 2009. But in the end we take off and head out to meet another person who I may have known 26 years ago.... but there is no streak involved if you can't calculate the start date.

We pick up Travis on Idaho Road and head on out to Superior for breakfast.

Ok not the usual pace but better then the Torrey Bike Race most of the time and I actually enjoy just looking around at the lush desert from all the monsoon storms. The temp at 7:30 was only about 90F

See I wasn't making that up smile

Mike in a Full Face Helmet, not something I bet he uses a lot wink

After breakfast at Superior's finest eatery (thanks again Mike for the meal) We decide to go towards Kearny a bit since the fellas haven't been there before.

See how worthy the desert is after the summer storms? Travis' moto is really nice. Almost would love to have one for tooling around town with.

Travis's Scooter.

Mike riding the RT. We switched for a bit and he rode the GT. I took off on the RT for a quick Italian Tune UP and Mike kept up with me pretty good. I forget how much I enjoy the RT's handling.

In the end Travis takes off, Mike and I head back as the temps are now starting to creep into Triple Digits. At the house Mike is gracious and we agree that we will not wait 8000 more days to meet up again. It is a worthy day.

But wait, it is only noon. I need to work out still even though I have been riding all day. So I take off on a hike up the mountain behind my house. A short 3 mile walk in the bright cloudless low humid Southwest Climate I so love in August.

The wash leading up to the trailhead near Casa Kaisr.

At the trail head I fill up my bottle again so I have plenty of water and make my way up Telegraph Pass. My battery on the camera is almost dead or just tired from the heat. Not a cloud in the sky, but there is a breeze which helps a lot.

Yeah baby its a dry heat

See ya all next time.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Tommy. I love getting your blogs and hearing what your up to. You live in such a beautiful part of the world. Of course it's beautiful here too. But we have the Atlantic Ocean and lots of boats and salty sea air. Isn't it nice to hook up with old friends and talk about the day.