Friday, August 28, 2009

Museums are pretty worthy too!

Grand Adventure is always out there. For me most time it involves the great outdoors and/or Motorcycles. While I don't plan on stopping having those, today I am setting out on a new one as Laura and I are taking the kids to the AZ Science Center. Jackson and Colyn are coming while Michael is staying with his Grandpa to get ready for the big shooting day we have planned tomorrow morning.

After a nice ride on the Fuji this morning, I am ready to head out. We get the kids in the Jeep and make our way downtown to explore the place. Laura is a member but I have not been there ever. I make a few last minute calls before parking and we are on our way in.

It is a modern facility and has an Imax and a Planitarium!

Jackson is totally excited to be here and like all 7 year olds lives for the ability to go into a playground where you can touch almost everything. Laura really does a lot to keep the kids learning all the time. Very Worthy.

Ahh the energy of a 10 year old. I should note for the record Colyn will be 11 Monday. She may not forgive me if I don't.

We make our way in and discover there is a show in the Planitarium in about 10 minutes. Whoo Hoo it is about the Arizona Sky! We sit down in the theater which is almost empty and get a real treat. The man presenting the lecture is a retired teacher named Tom, and he is great not only with the adults, but with the kids too. Jackson is a lot like me in the respect that he has no trouble speaking up and asking questions. Pretty soon he is Tom the Teacher's straight man as we learn all about the Big Dipper, Little Dipper (which looks like a dead chipmunk if you ask Jackson). I am having a ball and Laura is too. We leave the planetarium a lot smarter about the night sky and I can't wait to try it out in Torrey next month.

Some of the tests there are actually really interesting. Firs of read the words on the chart above. Now say what the color of the text is. The brain is an amazing thing!

Balancing on rubber balls is a lot easier at 10 then at 42! Colyn and Jackson are both great kids in the fact that they are eager to learn but also polite and willing to share.

Jackson is a blur as he checks out all of the cool puzzles.

Moments like this really show how cool it is to watch Laura with the kids.

The competition heats up though when its time to race though! Here Colyn proves that she can still school Jackson. Oh and pushing a wheel chair is a lot harder then I thought.

In fairness, Jackson wasn't for behind

Colyn learned about spinning fast and gravity too smile

And I think she is trying out to be one of my monkeys. She still has some challenges saying the word statistics though smile

The kids next challenge is learning about building arches like the romans.

They do pretty good!

After a quick stop at the lego castle, we head out and grab some lunch before they drop me off to write this tale and take a moto back to Laura's so I have one to take to the office next week.

All in all a grand adventure.

See ya all later.

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