Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scouting For Summer 2010

Ahh the summer vacation season is soon upon us and since I last posted, I have married which means going from a house of one to a family of five. This means that simple adventures aren't coming to an end but rather I am setting off on major expeditions! Not unlike Columbus, Powell, or even Clark Griswold I have a lot of new places to see this year.

My loving and wonderful wife has presented me with our Summer House. It is worthy

So with my Hun Tent ready, Michael and I decide to head North for the day to scout out places to make summer camp. Mom is at school, and the two little minions are with the grandparents so Michael and I are getting to spend to time together. It is a joy to have him as a companion since he is at that age where the woods still hold much wonder.

After Coffee in Camp Verde we turn off at Stoneman Lake Road and head East.

The Lake is full but also full of people so we don't spend a ton of time there.

One of the advantages of this area is that it is easy to escape to out of Phoenix. One of the disadvantages is that others have realized this advantage. Until I have final control of the Universe, I have to share so we decide to press on into the back country.

We pass a few rustic ranches that have been around since the 1800's and I think what would it have been like back in the day of Zane Grey?

After finding a turn off to another Forest Service Road we head South. After about 15 minutes we start seeing very few people and discover some amazing spots that will work for base camp.

While the Jeep is the vehicle of choice today, we are going to need to be able to get the Tundra back to where ever we are going to camp.

With this in mind we decide that it is safe to press on a little bit more. This is an area that I have not explored so I find it fun to just sort of go with the flow for a while.

We come to a butte with a fire tower on top. At the top we discover that there is a sign. I love signs explaining things. Oh and once again SCIENCE ROCKS!

As we spin our way down you can see all over central AZ.

A cool view of Sedona from a far.

There is a goofy line about seeing the forest from the trees or something...but let me tell you. There is a lot of value in looking at trees. Each of them have such amazing personalities of there own. This one catches my eye.

We stop for a bit to soak it all in and have a quick bite. I am amazed that there are so few people back here even with temps hitting the high 90's in Phoenix. Michael sees some carcass of a dead Elk out in a meadow and heads out to see what got it. Was it a cougar? A Bear? (fat chance with me in the area).....


There is almost nothing in all of the known wilderness as dangerous as a Ferrel Box!! Michael makes a dash to the Jeep while I scamble for......

one of the most important tools of the Old West. It is times like this where I really feel better being an Armed Socialist. At about 75 yards out I manage to unleash a fury of Lead partner. I won't be surprised if someone like Louis Lam our writes about it someday.

Looks like this one is tagged. Whew that was close!

We go ahead and eat a sandwich and then head out looking for some more fun.

We make our way out to old Highway 87 and head up towards Winslow a bit. We turn off and look at some camp ground near my favorite swimming hole. We then go look for some places to go fishing this summer.

Another Sign

I love signs

Well most of them. Some I tend to ignore smile

I do find a little guy to share some time with

We wander down the service road and see the back side of the dam ahead.

The Damn is really pretty impressive. Paid for by copper mines who needed to find a way to repay the local water companies for using water in the mines down by Morenci.

Ok here is a question for you Junior Civil Engineers. Why did they make the spill way look like this?

After this we head back to the Jeep and make our way home in time to take Mom to Pizza Dinner after her day at Moto School. Life is worthy.

Son #1 takes great pride in cleaning the 30/30. I have a feeling we are going to like heading North this summer just as much as I did last summer by myself.


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