Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heading West of Phoenix

As my vacation comes to a close, it is time to get out and do a little exploring. As I look at the maps, I realize that I have never bothered to explore the area of the Sonoran between here and California. Most of it is off limits because of use by the US AirForce as a bomber range. But North of the 10 there are a few places worth exploring.

As luck would have it, Jan and Sharon are here from Utah spending time with Jan's Mom and they agree to go with me. The kids are in school, and Laura has to study as well.

We set off and head off out of town. Past Tonopah we find the exit and look out to see our objective.

About 20 more miles and we find the area we are going to go explore.

Some interesting reading

After a quick stop for lunch and use of the very nice facilities, we strike off up the road to climb the mountain. There are about 5 cars with trailers so I know there will be ATV's on the road.

The Saguaro's are thick out here and really pretty. Jan and Sharon are having a good time too.

We stop off a few times as the road starts to climb. What I thought would be a short climb is actually a bit more challenging than I thought. You can also see the road ahead is getting more steep. Good thing I am in a Jeep! We also are conscious of the time since we need to be back for dinner. It is so cool to see my friend Jan walking again after breaking his leg in Torrey this past Fall(See Torrey tales from 2009)

A few more miles up the road and we find the ATV's. There is one big group of about 10 of them and they tell me that the road up is tough but it is a wonderful view.

It already is pretty worthy.

Going is pretty slow at under 10mph now and it is getting pretty rocky too. Sharon spots something up on a hill. Amazing eye Sharon!!

A set of Petroglyph that is amazing! We climb up and have a closer look.

It is awesome to be in pretty good shape again. Climbing up hills is so much easier. Plus I can check the Jeep's Roof.

Wonder what they mean??

Desert Tortoise?

We head up a little further but the light is fading some and we still need to get down. With no other car on the mountain, we decide to turn around rather than risk it. I will be back!

The road down

I explain to Sharon that unlike Wii, you can't take these for a bonus point shortcut. It is tempting though smile

What looks almost boring from the interstate is actually amazing if you take the time to really look at it.

See you next time.


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