Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ok the last time I played in the snow was in Breckenridge a few years ago with the gang so I am do a snow day! Jackson has been on me about going to the snow. So today we are on our way!

As I crawl out of bed just past dawn I am greeted by sweet Colyn

Dear God! I haven't had coffee yet and the she who has me wrapped around her little finger is already in mittens and hat telling me we need to go!

I stumble up get some coffee and then commence to load the Jeep with some food that Laura makes for us and we get ready to go!

Jackson is so happy. Oh and for the record he lost his 3rd tooth this week and his brother had nothing to do with it!

We are on the road shortly after 8 and make our way up to Flagstaff along the 17. Traffic is really light which I find odd since there is snow up there and the ski resorts are open. Guess people still have a lot of Christmas stuff to do.

As we climb up the hill outside of Black Canyon city I see smoke in the distance. It appears that this Honda decided to burst into flame. Odd thing was the Highway Patrol was waving us to pass the burning car. Goofy and I feel bad for the owner.

We get up to Flag and are off to our favorite sledding hill. Well it is the first sledding hill we have but hey we have to get a favorite sometime smile Colyn is now in her snow gear and is ready to conquer the "big hill"

Silly Mom, no way are we avoiding the ice!!

Mom and the crew climbing the hill to adventure while I stay below to take a few pictures.

Amazing how a 15 year old boy can find the 15 year old girls now matter where he goes smile

Action Jackson after a successful landing. He went solo a lot

I cant find Colyn though on the kids slope.

Girl Power again!! She is going down the big slope!

Laura keeps a close eye on the kids but they are ready for "POPS" to go up and have a ride too.

Bumbles Bounce Baby!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!!!


Another worthy day with the troops!

Laura and I have decided what we want for Christmas. Stay Tuned

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