Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ahh Christmas is here and the kids are making it pretty special. Laura and I are done running around, have all the presents and now are just enjoying the moment.

First stop for us is my parents house for Christmas Eve Dinner of German Sausages that I have been having since I was a little kid.

The Spread is being watched over by my Pop who is sure that we have too much food on the table as usual.

I explain to him that my minions are in top form tonight. Some have even donned Christmas War Paint to make sure no brat escapes the room. My Mother is tickled beyond words at the way the kids eat.

In the end a great victory can be claimed by the clan and we have given my mother a wonderful gift. If you know my Mom, she LOVES to feed people.

Next we are off to the Living Room where we share presents. Here the photographer is asking me "To show the Christmas Love"

Three Happy Fellas

We agree to regroup at our house in the morning and I get the minions loaded up into the Tahoe and we make our way back home. The kids are really anxious to make sure that the cookies they made today are out for Santa

The Cookies look amazing and are Sugar Free. Each of the kids writes Santa a letter to be placed with the treats and heads off to bed.

Somewhere in the night magic happens....

The Turkey gets brined....


Even our trusty night watchman who here is faithfully doing his rounds misses it....

The Arrival of SANTA! Wow we are one lucky family.

The Kids notice right away that he was there.

Even the Dogs are involved in the ensuing carnage.



Ok Way Cooler.

My favorite Christmas present...EVER!

The Carnage afterwards made us all famished!

But as usual Laura has an amazing breakfast prepared for us. MMMMMM

As some of you know, Santa brought Jackson a bike for Christmas. Not a toy bike, but a Real GIANT bike with gears so he can ride with us. This should hold him over for a few years.


Did I mention I got this Uber Worthy Gift?

The kids also got Golf Clubs from their Dad.

It really is amazing to watch them hit balls. Both of them are really good already.

All in all a great day was had by all and I for one am one happy Camper.

Merry Christmas Everyone. See you soon...

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Anonymous said...

anks so much for sharing your special day. Very enjoyable I can feel the children's excitemant.