Sunday, March 1, 2009

Off to See the Lizard

Diane and I decide to go for a little jaunt on the GT down to the Desert Museum. The weather here the past week is near perfect with it almost bordering on hot this weekend. Temps around 85 make for a nice time to go explore the desert parts of the state. We decide to head to the museum because I haven't been there in forever.

The two of us near Marana. It is just amazing how much I love riding the GT even two up. Traffic on the 10 wasn't too bad and we make great time

We get there and make a beeline for the reptiles first!

This is about as no stress as you can get west of Whip's couch full of hounds.

This little dude was digging in the dirt. Something none of us ever do smile

The big cats are lazing around dreaming of eating a small child who just needs to lean a little bit more. Diane offers to help the cat out so I take her to go see the bears!!!

My streak of not seeing a bear continues

Diane asks me if I have a metal file in the tool bag. She wants to bust out her new pal

I think this could be in my future in regards to make a overhang for my grapes.

This Gazebo made out of Mesquite trees salvaged from a road project also has some promise as a future project for me.

It is just a real glorious wood to contrast the Sonoran Desert

The desert is starting to bloom too!

This guy was enjoying the sunshine. Diane tells me that there is sunscreen in the bathrooms which helps me from looking like Rudolph.

Sometimes I wonder if I picked the wrong profession. I think I would have made a great skunk.

The Otters are just uber worthy to watch.

This bird reminds me of Sydney Greenstreet

Crazy huh?

This parrot is something I didn't know lived in the desert either.

The hummingbirds are our last stop as it is getting dark.

We moto off down the road and stop at this no name Pizza joint in Marana that turned out to be pretty good.

Diane getting her gear on for the ride back to Phoenix. All in all a pretty good day out on the GT.

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