Sunday, March 15, 2009

Desert Flower Power Baby.

Setting off to find something always makes me think of how we are always searching for something. Today it is wild flowers that are rumored to be blooming out in the desert. It is a time of year that I hold very dear since it really is the start of the riding season for me and I know that places like California, Colorado and Utah are just over the horizon for me.

We drive North on highway 87 towards Payson and quickly find the road covered in blooms but somewhat less than last year. We pull off at the Balantine trail head to have look about.

Daisies in bloom near the trail head but the area is not as lush as some of the areas to the South. We decide to walk up about a 1/2 mile to see if there is anything worth exploring before we turn back to the South.

Caught this little guy sneaking up behind me

The weather is interesting since in Phoenix there was nothing but clear skies but out here it is almost Monsoon like. We never get rained on,but the weather is off a bit from the norm.

At about here we make the call to turn back. This weekend is all about seeing color.

The weather looks better that way anyway but the temperature is just perfect!

The weather to the North is not looking that good, but we stop anyway to play in the poppies

Diane is all over the place exploring the different flowers that she all knows by name. I wish I was that good at botany.

The variety is amazingly worthy

Four Peaks off in the distance is covered in the shadows of the puffy clouds and I feel totally content.

These are totally funky and I have no idea what they are

Diane always makes new friends when we go out into the desert

It amazes me how long old trash sits out in the desert. When did they stop making beer cans with pull tabs?? About 1986

What a glorious day to explore close to home.

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