Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Butcher of Boulder and Snow on the Mountain

Morning at the Chuckwagon is glorious. I love looking out and seeing all the motorcycles and people stirring to get that first morning cup of Joe. It will be a wonderful day for sure.

Today, we ride with the dirt bikes for a bit. I say a bit because I know that we will go off at some time and start our own adventure. There will be 4 chase trucks today so we won’t be needed.

Operations getting under way. Notice how Killer morph's into his alter ego "Monty" once people let him think he is in charge. Not unlike a great episode of the German version of "Rat Patrol" I have infiltrated the ranks here with the Jeep. They don't suspect a thing!

Ahh the Motorcycle that just won't die. This is the KLR. Notice that parts aren't there, it sits for 360+ days a year in Bob's garage, and yet you can always find some fool that will get on it those 5 days. This year is a little different since Wurty is the foo....I mean gunslinger who takes the challenge of the "MOTO THAT WON'T DIE" on.

I hear him telling the less experienced.."Hand Guard? We don't need no Steenkin Hand Guards!"

Why do guys on BMW Motocross bikes go out with us? We almost all ride BMW Street Bikes, but Monty takes pleasure in killing them off on the trail. Poor "TubeSock" doesn't stand a chance. Also notice at this point Boney still has a left hand turn signal....

We gather at the start of the ride up Boulder Mountain. It will be ove 11,oooft when we get to the top. I tell Bob, not to worry about us as we are going to stop a lot for photo's and to play

As we climb out of the valley we see that as usual, there will be some weather developing as the day progresses. The vistas are great


The moto's start to file by the Jeep with Whip in the lead.

Poor "TubeSock on the lead BMW still thinks he is going to have a flawless day at this point. "I feel like screaming "ACHTUNG! The Englishman hates almost all things German!" but I am not that nice a guy :)

We take the jeep up a hill and look at the surrounding country side. The Jeep can just go almost anywhere that I am confident enough to take it.

The 4 of us in the Jeep are having a hoot and the ladies haven't ever gone this far off road before

Monty rides off after checking on us through the Aspens. As much as I am no fan of the British Empire, Monty is a great rider, a very good trail boss, and maybe even an ok guy. I just wish Jesus Perez liked him.

You got to love traction control. I am ready for Paris Dakar!

The valley is dusted in Yellows

The Aspen groves are amazing.

And having a couple of hotties in the Jeep makes life all that much better.

We really are having this much fun. And I am not going to even talk about the green gummy worms..

As we climb to the top of the Boulder Plateau, we cross 11000ft. We don't settle on just getting next to the sign.

We take the jeep up to the summit!

After this we catch up with a couple of the other chase trucks and set off to look for where the bikes went. Monty gave us a small map but it doesn't really tell us where it starts. With no frame of reference we just sort of wander around.

The little truck that Roy brings does amazing on the rough road. I am very impressed

Oh boy, the Jar Head has no clue where we are. My guess is that he must have been doing extra PT during map reading school. What to do?

Give the map to the Hotties who in about 2 minutes "figure out" where we are. And you think they are just here for their looks. But what do you do when you think you might need to get more involved in navigation?

Put a 15 year old ROCK STAR from California behind the wheel!!

I mean what trouble could he get into?

Actually my man Alec did a tremendous job behind the wheel and took us about 10 miles into the back country and really made his Pop proud.

Tell me this isn't Album Cover material. I hope he hangs out with us again someday. The worse part was the Hotties were all over him and I was 2nd Banana. Oh well one day you are in and the next you are out.

The Man and his Son.

There are some great little lakes out here and we figure we could just relax out here all day and not worry about the bikes.

And just as everyone was having the time of their lives, Monty shows up for a surprise inspection. He informs us that things are not going well. The Butcher of Boulder has showed his true face and blown the rest of the crowd all over the bloody mountain. Already Tube Sock had to limp down the mountain on his BMW and we may never see him again.

Even Boney lost control trying to keep up with the Butcher

And then I see him. Smock ready looking for the next victim. The man has no conscience when it comes to leaving the others in the dirt. Hide the children.

Janet has no idea what she has gotten herself into with this crowd on her first ride. I hope she joins us again in the future. She seems like a nice person and even gets along with Monty.

We follow the bikes again now for a bit and notice the weather turning colder and as usual for a Fall Torrey it starts to rain

Then it starts to Snow and hail a bit. The temp is in the low forties and the jeeps heater comes on for the first time

We see a side road that leads to a lake and leave the rest of the party to get on back down the mountain.

It is cold out here but the leaves are amazing to see. We are still laughing and being silly and have no real desire to get down the mountain

The lake we come upon is beautiful and with the colors and weather make for some lovely photography.

I am sure the bikes love riding down this soup. But for now we are all alone and start to see deer and other critters.

We come upon a small herd of Pronghorn and I manage to get a few quick shots as they head off into the trees.

They are majestic animals to watch.

This tree catches my eye as it seems to have gone through a period of indecision as it matured. All is good as life is too linear anyway

We see our friends in a clearing on the way down one more time and I take this shot at about 5oo+ meters. I will be back up there at least once in the next few months to spend more time seeing what is in the region. I am sure soon enough it will be covered in snow too.

So we make our way back to town. Content in knowing we had another glorious day and for someone like me who lives in the desert, a chance to experience the Fall colors.

See you next time


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A "Dipsy" tree! A bit twisted but alright in the end...