Sunday, July 13, 2008

Next Steps in the Evolution of Tommy's Universe

Over the past few months this Blog has turned from a place to just post my riding adventures into sort of a extension of my desire to be a person who participates in the Arts. The Arts to me have a special meaning. It is for me a way to get closer to something cosmic. What that is is really not all that important to me as the quest to strive and touch it. 

As I evolve my storytelling/photographic medium further, I please share this site with anyone you think might enjoy it. It would mean a lot to me to have some folks enjoy and even critique my little corner of the Arts. I am also going to start taking my pictures and stories from the net and trying to see if anyone likes them in real life and wants to purchase a print or publish them in the real world. 

I hung up the bag for the most part this weekend. 

The Epson 3800 is a great printer for my next steps. It can print large sized pictures at a professional quality level. It weighs 43lbs.

The images are worthy to say the least and with some help from my pals, I get the settings down to print the big prints. 

So next up was a great adventure to learn how to matte pictures and frame them. I have been toying with doing this for some prints around the house. But now, I want to get some of my prints out and about here in town so I need to get serious about learning the do's and don'ts. 

Talking to other Artists is both fun and a bit of a challenge for me right now.  I know my pictures are good.  But other then here, few have seen them.  Will they look good framed and matted?  So off I go to Arizona Art Supply and within a few minutes Lindsay the girl in the shop is teaching me all sorts of great things about framing and matting.  This once again proves the theory if you aren't in the pool you can't swim.  I come home with materials to last me a few weeks and start to get ready.  

First off the frames I am using are ones that have images in them.  They just aren't my images.  Fixing that is going to be step one.  Then I need to tell myself.  Measure 200 times then cut.  Twice never works for me.  

First out of the gate is the Wagon Wheel from last weekends printing workshop. Thanks again Scott!  It is not a great matte job but I know I can do this.

This shot from the Ouray trip looks great printed though this picture doesn't do it justice

Each frame is about 17x22 and so far each one is getting better. But let me tell you, cutting with hand cutter is not easy!!

As the day progresses, I am working on more dramatic colors. Most of the prints though will have a traditional white matte for now.

A better shot of the deer and shows how two look together

Anyway, I think the next few weeks will have a few more worthy tales to share. In the works are some trips around Arizona, and maybe even beyond a little bit.

Thanks again for all the great feedback. It means a lot to me.

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