Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Torrey XX One of the Best Ever!

This is going to be a much needed break. So many days go by where all we do is get caught up in the things in life that only appear to be important. Sometimes our Ego's make us think that things that in the greater scheme of things are totally superfluous are so critical. I find myself starting this Fall with so many thoughts going through my head that I need to go find someplace to get straightened out. Torrey can't come soon enough!

Laura and I decide to leave early as to be in Utah in time to see friends and enjoy a nice dinner. This has to be the 10th time I have written about Torrey so I won't bore everyone with how much we both love it there. But it really is special to us. Because it will be cool up there and I have yet to get Laura's Moto set up for heated gear, we are trailering the motos up. The weather looks good.

We get up and sneak past the little guy asleep on the couch. I am sure this picture is going to come back to haunt me when he sticks me in a nursing home early. But he manages to sleep through Laura and I packing.

We head up the road and are in Kanab Utah around lunch time. Laura is already happy to be on the road. We always laugh the whole way up to Torrey.

Yes Sir, we are back in Small Town Utah. smile

Yours Truly near Antimony Utah on the nicest Bridge to nowhere.

Already a lot of stress is gone. I think it is because no matter how bad life can be, it has to be better than being the Brown Llama of the Family in Koosharem.

We pull into Wayne County and I am in a happy place.

The usual suspects are all already here. There is nothing like seeing friends again.

Even if they ride EYE-talian motos. Though this one is pretty worthy.

We end the 1st night out at El Diablo.

Can't wait for tomorrow

We get up early Friday and suit up for a ride up Huntington Canyon. Laura decides to ride on the back of my moto since this is going to be a fast ride up.

That Ducati is still hanging around!

Riding with Laura on the back changes my riding style and we end up in the middle of the pack heading up Sweeper Madness. The GT isn't as nimble as some of the other bikes but it makes up for it in the straights. Even two up I can close with all the bikes on the ride. Once we get past I-70, I jump up to the front and as we climb up into the pass it becomes clear this is going to be one of those riding days that will be one to remember.

Making it all the better is having my pal Howard along from Phoenix this morning. Somehow all the really fun rides I have are with Howard. It is great to get to hang out with him.

The other usual suspects are here too, though I don't ride with them nearly enough.

Getting ready to head back down to Fairview Utah. We eat lunch at the local cafe, and then some of the folks head back over the pass, but Laura, Phil, Howard and I decide to head South on 89 through the small towns. It is a good call as we see the big Mormon Temple and some other really cool sites before screaming down I70 way above the speed limit to Sweeper Madness in time to see the folks at the pool and have a cold beer. It doesn't get any better than that.

See what I mean. By the way Russell, Laura keeps saying that your girlfriend is one lucky lady.

We stay up way too late and drink a little too much but the vibe is tremendous and we all catch up with each other after being apart too long. I miss the kids but feel at home here in Torrey all at the same time.

Wow Saturday already now.

The place is nice and quiet from the prior nights activities around our cabin. I like it that most people come and hang around our place. This Torrey has so far been one where there is little organization, smaller than most, but yet also warmer in mood. People are just really glad to be here. Lots of laughs.

Today, I have told the ladies we won't be taking out the bikes, but I will take them over Boulder Mountain to Escalante Utah for the Arts Festival and a chance to see more of the Fall colors.

We load up around 10 and head over the mountain. The Motorcycles all going to the fair scream by us as we climb up highway 12. Laura reminds me that the Tundra isn't my GT. I think the big truck is diving into the corners rather nicely.

We get to Escalante in time to see some local crafts, have a so so lunch and then head out to Boulder Mountain.

A clever use for an old shovel

The local mascot is worthy.

FYI, when they say Blue Zinc Sunscreen, it isn't an emotion they are talking about.

From there we motor up to the mountain with Barry and his wife Katie following us in their truck

The views are stunning.

We come across crystal clear lakes with trout

Pastures where the locals tend to stare at strangers

And even see a real cowboy out herding them up to bring them down to lower pastures.

We head back to Bob's where I am planning on getting some needed rest. Larry pulls up about 20 minutes after we pull in and tells me that I need to hook up my trailer to get a moto that has gone down about 50 miles away. It seems that one of the newer guys we know in Torrey had a car turn left in front of him near Calf Creek and he ended up doing a stopie (Hit the front brake for those who don't know moto lingo).

So off we go.

Mathew (2nd from the right) explaining what happened to Larry. He manages to sever both the front and the back brake resevoir and will need to have Ed (our local long distance Texas tow truck driver) take him back. This is now the 3rd Torrey that Ed has taken someones bike home.

Here you can see the bent subframe

But our new friend will be back and hooning before you know it!

What a glorious day. We spend another evening out at the cabin and Laura and I decide to go ride out bikes to the park the next day to get apples and pies for the kids.

We suit up late Sunday Morning for the ride. Laura and I look at alternate forms of transportation to get into the park but decide to just take the motos in the end. This one has zero trunk space.

Eating Apples in the park.

We ride back to the house and Bob convinces me to go out even though I really want to go lay on the hammock.

Laura and her girl posse decide to hang out and spend time together.

In the end, Mathew, Bob and myself set off in his truck to find some truly worthy colors.

Here is what we find.

What a worthy side trip that Bob talks me into.

We even run into a few critters enjoying themselves in the late afternoon sun.

I so love Utah.

We get up early Monday and head back to Phoenix. As usual, I am sad to leave but I am looking forward to seeing the kids. They are on my mind often up here and I miss their smiles. Plus we have brought them pie so they will be happy to see us.

We will be back.


Two years ago my pal Roger was killed on his way to Torrey when he was hit by a car near where this picture was taken. I miss you Roger.

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Beautiful pictures and loved the tale. Made me feel like I was back there. You certainly have talent.