Monday, November 16, 2009

Its a Total Jeep Thing

I have no intention to ever stop having fun. There I said it. Yup, I mean it too. As I drink my coffee this fine cool Sunday morning in November I keep smiling at the thought of todays adventure. It is different than most of the ones I share yet it is closely related. Today Nick and I are off in the Jeeps but instead of it being he and I exploring, we are bringing the whole clan. Laura, the Kids, and even Russell.

Stepping outside I pull out the Jeep from the Hanger, err garage and determine it may be a tad bit nippy for the top down, but the kids have wanted this and without the soft top here at the house I make the call to keep the lid off. We will bundle!

I love the way the morning sun hits my newly planted flowers.

Ok I need to clean the Mr. G's windows but our hero looks darn good even in sweats.

As I go back inside the kids are stirring and they are already saying things like "Do I really need a coat?"

I tell Jackson to get on his coat and we will do a test ride.

There is adventure out there!

We get back and he goes and adds a layer. Better to show then to tell I say.

The two lovely ladies of the house getting ready warms my heart.

I go looking for #1 Son to see if he is in fact awake.

Not only is he awake and moving, but he has hidden himself in plain view!

Another convert for the revolution. Gotta love it!

Ok three kids in the back, check. Now where is the most wonderful woman on the planet?

Found her!

I don't have the heart to tell the kids that we have heater vents up front so off we go to meet up with Uncle Nick!

We cross town with no issues and arrive at the gas station where I find Nick and Russell waiting for me. So ok I am 10 minutes late. I think that isn't too bad with the new crew along. after gassing up we let Michael ride with Nick to make more room in the back.

Nick is topless too.

The only smart one is Russell.

At the light I think Nick is saying something about stopping at Subway for $5 foot longs, but we packed lunch so I ignore him.

Our target is 4 peaks.

We stop a little ways up the road and all thoughts of being cold disappear as we marvel at how wonderful nature is.

Everywhere you can see beauty. I don't see the kids for a few minutes and figure they are off soaking it all in.

Nope they found a "COOL MICROWAVE" So much to teach them.

I let Uncle Nick take the next shift and Laura and I enjoy the ride up the mountain talking. It is a wonderful ride and I know just how lucky I really am.

Russell's new to him 02 Wrangler. It is great to have him hanging out with us.

We arrive at the trail head and Nick looks happy that he gets to spend such quality time with the kids. I just wish he was more handy around the house.

A couple of worthy KLR's are up here too.

It has been hot still in Phoenix this Fall. It is nice to get up here and see it coming to Arizona finally too.

We have great trail blazers who have tons of energy.

They lead us up the mountain at an amazing pace. We are just one big happy troop!

Laura is having a rough time of it though. I think the stress and tension are building. You can see it here.

I teach Jackson about the beauty in nature and how geology and erosion work over time to sculpt the landscape.

He teaches me new ways to use a hydration pack.

Michael seems very happy to be outside again. Did you see him 4 pictures back where the troop was leading us up the hill? He is on the left. That camo works pretty darn good!

What a great and content family.

This behind the scenes shot shows the other side though smile

I love this little girl. She is really a joy to be around even if she can't get to sleep at night without telling us 30 times.

We mount back up and head down the hill the back way deciding to go have lunch and take the Apache Trail home.

We decide to eat at a meadow that has a bit of a warn trail leading down to it.

Action Jackson and I taking the road less traveled

Nick is right behind us

Lunch Time!!

Nick Russell and I marvel as Jackson downs his 2nd sandwich. Where does he put all that food!!!

Our Hero enjoying the moment.

The Jeep has so many uses Lunch Table, Jungle Gym, oh and a pretty good way to see the back country!

But we still have more road to go explore!

After a few miles of highway 188 we come to our next learning spot. The Theodore Roosevelt "DARN"

This is a family trip and Laura insists we look at the "DARN" and not get caught up with swearing.

Colyn reads all about the "DARN's" history....

While Nick and I chuckle about the word "A BUTT MENT". Laura just shakes her head.

As it gets dark we head along the Apache Trail and I am again amazed at how wonderful Arizona is. I love it here.

We say our goodbyes at Tortilla Flats after a wonderful day out and about!

What a Worthy Universe.