Sunday, July 5, 2009

A quick ride at the end of July 4th

After a great 4th, I have discovered that I need to go Moto.

Somehow over the last 6 months I have managed to get stuff from a few members of the board and today is the day that I return it all. Howard has left his Hoon Cooler with me since last Memorial Day, CraigC has not needed his Gerbings in Arizona, and 10ovr has a Torrey Tshirt he refuses to pick up. So at the crack of dawn this morning it is off to meet them and then go on a little ride up the hill for breakfast.

The merry trio is there to meet me. 10ovr, CraigC and Philly. All in fine spirits and all riding the same color RT.

It is hot this morning already here and while the temps hover in the low 90's even up into the hills, I am not bothered at all by it. Odd how I am so used to riding in the desert.

RT's in front and back. All accounted for

Traffic up is really light on the Beeline and pretty soon, Timmy pulls away with Howard and we have a fun run up the hill. Still better than any drug.

We decide to not go to Payson but rather Punkin Center. But where to eat?

This has become my normal staples since being told by the Doc to get my act together in the next 6 months or be in trouble. All good for you but not really gonna be available in Punkin Center.

This doesn't look promising....

We eat at Aunt Becky's which has a really good menu, is very clean. I eat a plain omelet and pass on the meat and potatoes. Will have to go back there again someday. By the way the horse head weirds me out too.

Now this is something you don't see in every small town in America. A Pratt J57 in the middle of a guys backyard(Ok it said Marine Corps Museum) but I am still going WTF?

I am pretty sure if I take off the side case, I can make get that J57 mounted. Timmy tells me though that it isn't metric so we leave it for another day.

This fella doesn't like being fenced in...

While his pal is having fun with the tourists. Gotta love dogs.

But its time to moto. I need to get back to the valley before it gets too hot and the boys want to work on their bikes before heading to Colorado next week.

Tale of the tape. Not a big ride today at all, but quick and fun.

See ya down the road


Fran├žois said...

120 mph... tsk tsk ...

AZKaisr said...

It was actually 130 :P