Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Cats Revolted This Weekend

I have been grounded by my seldom photographed cat Liam. That look says that there will be no trips this weekend. Besides, with no Mr. G and a back that is acting up, I am actually getting some things done around the house.

Like cleaning up the other bike I own. The glorious 2002 R1150RT has taken me from California to Texas. This moto is most likely going to be sold by Autumn since it and the GT are too similar to keep. What I get next is anyones guess.

But the minute I try to put the helmet on, Mr Jesus Perez is there to lay down the law. I have no idea where they have hidden my keys.

Remember next weekend is when I have offered to take anyone interested out for the day to shoot some photos. If you haven't yet, let me know ASAP so we can make sure that we have room for you! It will be worthy,


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